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Department Overview

This course, with a multidisciplinary approach, teaches its students how to prepare a proper diet for people, food management, components of a balanced diet, eating habits, and lifestyle management, among others. This curriculum is divided between theory and practical study and the project work and research help the students gain a deeper insight into the subject. Students have a choice of taking up different job opportunities or become an entrepreneur. Employment potential is in becoming Nutritionists, Dietitians, Food Quality Manager, Food Processing Manager or Research Assistant to mention a few.


To become a leader in training and developing future professionals prepared to face the challenges in health care and hospitality industries.


To empower students to be experts in all the facets of the human health, nutrition care, and food sector by imparting knowledge and hands-on training.


The programme focuses on providing a sound contemporary base for the students and prepares them for various careers in the field of Home science. It also equips students to take up entrepreneurial ventures related to food, nutrition counseling, textiles, interior decoration, and human development.

Programme Outcomes (PO’s)

  • Understand and appreciate the role of interdisciplinary sciences in the development and well-being of individuals, families, and communities.
  • Identify different food commodities and understand their role and use in various preparations applyingthe principles of Physical and Biological Science.
  • Relate key concepts, scientific principles, and technologies that enhance the quality of life of people.
  • Understand various therapeutic diet phenomenon, plan and execute the preparation of therapeutic diets for different conditions and acquire skills needed to train as dietitians in clinical settings, and as nutrition counselors in different organizations.
  • Managing employees, developing menus, conducting nutrient analysis, purchasing, food preparation, and maintaining budgets within commercial and noncommercial foodservice operations.
  • Educate clients in fitness, sports, and health clubs about the connection between food, fitness, and health
  • Instill both generic and subject-specific skills to succeed in the employment market.
  • Provide scientific, technological, and managerial skills needed for graduates entering into business administration in the field of food, nutrition, hospitals, and hospitality industry
  • Gain hands-on experience which provides solutions to create new ideas and innovation and also to develop entrepreneurial ventures in different areas of foods, nutrition, and interior design
  • Devise research, innovation, and design (product) development favoring all the disciplines in Home Science

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO’s):

On completion of the specific programme (B.Sc. Nutrition, Food Service Management and Dietetics) the student will be able to:
  • Develop effective communication and foster positive health-enhancing practices extending to the community to support sustainable living.
  • Analyze, interpret, evaluate and use professional literature to make ethical, evidence-based decisions facilitating professional collaborations in the field of Food, Nutrition, and Dietetics.
  • Develop core competency skills to support actions that promote social, cultural, economic, and ecologicalequity.
  • Evaluate, adapt and apply the best practices relating to lifestyle diseases, health, sports nutrition, womenand child health.
  • Exhibit critical thinking, decision-making attributes, and aesthetic skills to enhance professional competency by updating and applying emerging trends and technologies.
  • Display entrepreneurial skills, enable the pursuit of higher education, research, and career in Nutrition, Food Service Management, and Dietetics and health education causing meaningful societal impact.

Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil., PhD., NET (UGC)
Designation : Associate Professor & Head
Years Of Experience : 20 Years
Area Of Specialization : Nutrition, Biochemistry, Dietetics
Email ID : vijayalakshmia@sacas.ac.in

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