SACAS offers the students an advantageous atmosphere with state-of-the-art facilities, distinguished mentors, and a pleasant educational environment. The institution takes responsibility for the employability and communication skills of students. The focus is on shaping students to become self-disciplined, independent, and self-confident.

The college’s stand is not only on the mere acquisition of course knowledge and its application but also on the holistic personality development of students and their value system.

Correspondent's Message
To transform our institution into quality education centre imparting updated knowledge with character building. To create an excellent teaching and learning environment for our staff and students to realize their full potential thus enabling them to contribute positively to the community. To significantly enhance the self-confidence level for developing creative skills of staff and students.
P.Venkatesh Raja
Principal's Desk
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"Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas". At SACAS, we empower our students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers and change agents in society, based on strong ethical values. We adopt a student centric approach to identify, nurture and encourage the skill set of the students to excel in their chosen field. We don't merely focus onenriching the academic profile of our students, but help unravel their untapped potentials by providing several thought provoking platforms to showcase them. According to us, education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and ambitious parents. We believe that our students evolve with the passage of time, as high performing employees or innovative entrepreneurs. This is done through their multifaceted learning experiences in academics, personality development, sports, value education and giving back to society. SACAS acts as a facilitator in the transformation process of our students in mature adults with balanced thinking to make the world a better place to live in. We pride the adoption of a blended teaching pedagogy, which is a fine mixture of traditional classroom with gamification and activity based teaching. Welcome to SACAS and open the doors to the world of positive attitude and holistic development.
Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar
The vision of the college is to build a vibrant and inclusive learning community in a culture of excellence sustained by a sound value system that promotes responsible citizenship and effects social change.
The mission of the college is to empower young men and women to face the challenges of life with courage and commitment, to be builders of a humane and a just society, and to promote a learning community in which all, especially those from less-privileged backgrounds.