Department Overview

The Department of English was started in the year 2019, from the inception of the college. The department meets the requirement of all UG Programmes besides offering Communicative and Professional English (for Arts & Social Sciences, Commerce and Management, Physical Sciences & Life Sciences). It is strongly committed to developing the communication and LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing) skills of the students. From the academic year 2021-22, the department offers B.A. English as a core course. The programme exposes the students to the study of a variety of texts with an emphasis on a creative and critical understanding of life through literature. It aims to create a literary ambiance for the students of B.A. English programme through various add-ons. The special features of the department are Talk Magnate (Talk to Influence, Inspire & Ignite): to help students express themselves on stage, Renaissance (Revival of Arts): to revive and relearn the classical & performing arts, Readers’ Club: to inculcate the reading habit among students, SACAS Playhouse: to train the students with theatrical skills and the Literary Festival to adventure the world of literature. The department also offers short-term courses in Communicative Skills, English Language Teaching, Phonetics, and Technical Writing backed by our qualified and experienced faculty members, departmental library, a language lab etc. The department strongly believes in the power of humanities in the transition from intellectual to social change.


To make the department a centre for academic excellence and high-quality research by kindling the imagination and critical thinking of the students.


  • To provide quality-based language training at the foundation level.
  • To create a literary culture and pave the way for academic research.
  • To help students think critically by nurturing their LSRW skills.


  • To help students evolve with a combination of self-confidence, positive attitude, and social responsibility.
  • To blend LSRW skills among students for easy English learning.
  • To overcome the inhibition among students towards English language and literature.
  • To create a platform for students to hone their latent potential.
  • To explore and reach out to academicians, institutions, and bodies for research and academic activities

Programme Outcomes (PO’s)

  • On successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts programme, students will become socially responsible citizens with human values and ethics, creative and critical thinking, effective communication skills, and professional competence.
  • Acquire critical temper, creative ability, and realization of human values.
  • Cultivate humaneness, respect, empathy, and openness to the varied affiliations in different contexts across the world.
  • Employ the knowledge gained, in criticism, interpretation, and in the different modes of writing and oral communication.
  • Interpret historical and cultural forces that shaped humanity through literary texts.
  • Connect the dots of all areas of knowledge and its synthesis, and get inspired by great minds, thoughts, and actions.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO’s):

  • By the end of B.A. English programme, students will be able to understand literature by reading, interpreting, and analyzing literary texts written in English or translated into English, through effective oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of literature as a discipline by studying a range of literary texts written in English or translated into English from the past to present times.
  • Show an understanding of the significant historical, political, and social backgrounds relevant to the literary texts studied.
  • Derive an understanding of a variety of literary forms, styles, and structures for close analysis of texts.
  • Appreciate literature as a source of understanding ideologies, practical wisdom, and aesthetic pleasure.
  • Apply language in academic and non-academic contexts and in a standardized system for communication.

Qualification : M.A.(Eng.), M.A.(Ling.), M.Phil. (Eng.), PGDELT.,
Designation : Assistant Professor and Head
Years Of Experience : UG & PG : 4 Years
Area Of Specialization : British Literature, Indian Writing in English, Chinese Literature in Translation
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Qualification : M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., PGDSE., Ph.D.
Designation : Associate Professor
Years Of Experience : UG & PG : 11 Years
Area Of Specialization : English Literature, Foundation English, Soft Skills
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Qualification : M.A.(Eng.), M.Phil. (Eng.).
Designation : AssistantProfessor
Years Of Experience : 1 Years
Area Of Specialization : English Literature, ICT in English Language Teaching, Literary Theories
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