NUTRIQUEST on March 6th 2024

The Department of Home Science – NFSMD of S.A. College of Arts & Science, orchestrated a thought-provoking seminar, ‘NUTRIQUEST,’ tailored for students of the department on March 6th 2024. The seminar boasted a distinguished lineup of speakers, each renowned in their respective domains. Ms.Bamini M, the former Vice President of Nutrition Support Service in Sundaram Medical Foundation unravelled the intricacies of Nutrition management in Burns. Mr.P.Krishnamoorthy the former President of the Indian Dietetic Association Chennai chapter, showed the  expertise by his presentation on Nutritional management in renal diseases. Ms. Shanthi Cauvery AT, the Managing Director of Elite Diet Studio, Chennai  focused on functional foods, offering a detailed exploration of their benefits. The seminar served as an intellectual feast, imparting substantial knowledge and practical insights. The diversity of topics covered, ranging from burns to renal diseases and functional foods, showcased the interdisciplinary nature of nutrition science.

The engagement with eminent speakers and the depth of content covered made it a truly enriching experience for all attendees.