Creativity & Research Enrichment

Centre for Research and Development

(Research is to see what everybody else has seen and to think what nobody else has thought…)
  • At SACAS, faculty experiences are believed to cascade to the students through research and innovation.
  • Paper presentations, article writing and project work are some initiatives to motivate our faculty and students alike.
  • Knowledge up-gradation on research methodology is an ongoing process at SACAS.
  • Conduct annually, INSIGHT (An International Multidisciplinary Conference) – a platform to brainstorm.
  • Through INSIGHT(An International Multidisciplinary Conference), SACAS provides hands on training to the students in all functional areas of management.

C.A.R.E(Creativity & Research Enrichment)

SACAS has started incubation centre to help the emerging creators, researchers who are thirst enough to become entrepreneurs, in terms of providing space, basis infrastructure, technical know-how to overcome their problems and facilitate in filing patents. The services include commercial exploitation to benefit society. The business incubator at campus is to facilitate incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies by admitting them in to our business incubation. Our objective is to build a campus with small scale companies which can provide a practical exposure to our students as well. The inter-disciplinary research teams is capable of throughing out any problem faced by the companies and normal period is permitted for a company in the campus. The centre is associated with CII-BYST, IP Dome Strategy Advisors P. Ltd.,