Computers were created to solve problems that did not exist before

Professionals in the computer technology industry are in high demand, and computer applications specialists are no exception. Businesses are depending on computer technology more and more every year, increasing the need for and importance of tech professionals. SACAS computer applications program can lead to diverse jobs in almost any industry. The computer applications program at SACAS consists of a variety of courses that provide students with a combination of technical knowledge and business training. The topics of this course teach and train students in web development and design, database creation, and key functions of computer hardware and components.

Department Overview

The world of Computer Applications has opened vistas for a whole new learning experience. With technology taking gigantic steps to encompass newer horizons students pursuing BCA have a plethora of opportunities to match their skills. Exposure to computer programming and the latest languages equip our students with adequate knowledge to match the fast-paced changing needs of the industry. A wide scope is provided through practical sessions that aid in better comprehension of the application domain. This is further strengthened through webinars and seminars headed by industry stalwarts for the dissemination of current industry practices. The department encourages students to develop their programming analytical and data visualization skills. This course will be helpful for those who have a penchant for Mobile App Development and Web Development.

Who is it for?

This programme is intended for students who are interested to become Computer Scientists, Software Engineers, Programmers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists. The students must have a background in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in their higher secondary education.


To guide students and encourage them to explore newer genres in the world of Computer Applications


  • To explore the possibilities of optimal use of practical sessions for better comprehension.
  • To encourage students to develop mobile apps, create web pages and blogs in an attempt to apply their imbibe skills.
  • To motivate students to transcend across geographical barriers and scale greater heights in newer path.


  • Provide strong foundations in the fundamentals of Computer Science Applications through domain expertise.
  • Design and develop software-based solutions for real-world problems in all spheres of business activity.
  • To help students acquire adequate knowledge in computer domains and increase their scope of employability.
  • To cultivate cross-skilling among our students to match the fast-changing demands of all industries.

Programme Outcomes (PO’s)

On graduation, students acquire skills in fields like Marketing / Finance / Logistics / Banking / Insurance / IT, and ITES.Understand the conceptual knowledge of accounting and acquire skills of maintaining accounts.Develop the skills and techniques of communication to be successful in business and personal life.Recognize different value systems and ethics, understand the moral dimensions, and accept responsibility.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO’s):

Tackle the stakeholder issues with the knowledge acquired.Acquire necessary professional knowledge and skills in finance and taxation.Nurture student competency to increase their scope for employability in the job market.Empower students to acquire intellectual, professional, and ethical skills to become successful.

First Year - Semester II - Indian Economics

A Plethora of Career Options

  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Tester
  • Data Processing Assistant
  • Computer Operator
  • System Analyst

  • System Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • Software Engineer

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