“Navigating the future: Trends and innovations in AI” on 23.02.2024

● Event: “Navigating the future: Trends and innovations in AI”
● Event Date & Time: 23.02.2024 12.00 noon to 2.00 P.M.

Presenter: Hariharasuthan Thangavelu, Cyber Security Expert, Writer

Objective: The primary focus of the tech talk was to encourage attendees to move beyond being mere consumers of AI tools and instead explore the potential of becoming ‘AI’ technocrats. Thangavelu emphasized the addictive nature of modern social media and the importance of utilizing time wisely.

Key Points Covered:

AI Successes and Trends: Thangavelu listed numerous achievements in the field of AI and highlighted ongoing trends and potential innovations. This provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of the diverse applications of AI. Videos and Slides: Visual aids such as videos and slides were utilized to elucidate the trends and innovations in AI. This multimedia approach helped in enhancing understanding and engagement among the audience. Interactive Q&A Session: The session concluded with a highly interactive Q&A segment, during which attendees actively participated by asking questions and seeking clarifications on various aspects of AI.

Event Details:

● Comparing: Nilofar Nisha S and Jayaree S
● Banner and Introduction Slides: Gopika E
● Tamil Thai Vazhthu and Lighting of Kuthuvilakku: Traditional elements were incorporated to
start the event on a culturally rich note.
● Welcome Address: Sibash P delivered the welcome address, setting the tone for the session.
● Guest Introduction: Devi K introduced Hariharasuthan Thangavelu to the audience.
● Guest Presentation: Thangavelu delivered the presentation, focusing on the outlined

Introduction to AI Technocrats: Thangavelu began by defining the concept of AI technocrats—individuals who not only use AI tools but actively engage in the development, innovation, and ethical application of AI technologies. Challenges of Consumerism: He discussed the drawbacks of being passive consumers of AI, emphasizing how it can lead to dependency, loss of critical thinking skills, and a lack of

Empowering Individuals: Thangavelu stressed the importance of empowering individuals to harness AI technologies for their benefit, whether in personal or professional contexts. Time Management and Social Media: Drawing attention to the addictive nature of modern
social media platforms, he provided strategies for managing time effectively and avoiding excessive consumption. Success Stories: Thangavelu showcased several success stories where AI has revolutionized industries such as healthcare, finance, transportation, and education. These examples served to inspire attendees and illustrate the transformative power of AI. Trends and Innovations: He discussed current trends in AI, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, and highlighted potential future innovations that attendees could explore further.

Ethical Considerations: Thangavelu addressed ethical considerations in AI development and usage, emphasizing the importance of responsible and transparent practices to mitigate risks and ensure positive societal impact. Call to Action: The presentation concluded with a call to action, urging attendees to actively engage with AI technologies, pursue further education and training, and contribute to the advancement of the field as AI technocrats. By elaborating on these points, the guest presentation effectively communicated the
objectives of encouraging attendees to become active participants in the AI ecosystem, utilize time wisely, and explore the diverse possibilities offered by AI technologies ● Q&A Session: The interactive segment saw students asking questions on various topics, with
particular interest in the use of AI in mental health support, share market, and trading. ● Vote of Thanks: Arshawarthani S extended gratitude to all involved in making the event successful including the guest, Correspondent, Thiru. P. Venkatesh Raja, our Director Dr. V. Sai Sathiyavathi, our Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakumar and Heads of Departments of AI and C.Sc. ● Photography and Video: Rohith Kumar V, Abishek Praveen K, Raju R, and Mohammed Irfan I captured the event with the guidance of the Department of Viscom.

The tech talk provided attendees with valuable insights into the realm of AI, encouraging them to explore its potential beyond conventional usage. The interactive nature of the session fostered engagement and enabled a deeper understanding of the subject matter.