World Paper Bag Day on 12.07.2023

The Department of Corporate Secretaryship celebrated Paper Bag Day on 12th July 2023 at S.A. College of Arts & Science and students were created awareness about the harmful effect of plastic bags on the environment by forming human chain. More than 120 students were involved in this human chain formation holding creative placards with creative slogans insisting the importance of using paper bags.

Our students made more than 300 handcrafts and newspaper bags in different designs with biodegradable materials, distributed them to the general public and school students by asking questions pertaining to paper bag day awareness.

The theme of World Paper Day is “If You’re ‘fantastic’, Do Something ‘dramatic’ To Cut The ‘Plastic’, Use ‘Paper Bags’.” The students participated in this event with full zeal and enthusiasm. The students made newspaper bags in different designs with biodegradable materials. This encouraged our students to create wonders. Such programmes are organized for the students to help us in highlighting their talent.