Workshop on the Mental Health of Adolescents on 25.07.2023

The Department of Psychology organised a Workshop on the Mental Health of Adolescents on 25.07.2023. This workshop gave an insight and awareness on how the mental health of adolescents have an impact on the ethnic and societal issues. Mrs. Revathi Ramkumar, “Project Director of Women Empowerment Prevention of Sexual Violence Gender Sensitization” Let’s Reinforce and Mr. N. Seyed Mubarak Abbas, “Secretary of Karunai Ullanagal Trust” were the resource persons.

The workshop had two sessions:

  1. First Session: Mrs Revathi Ramkumar spoke on the topic “Journey of Adolescence and Its Impact.”

  2. Second Session: Mr N. Syed Mubarak Abbas spoke on the topic “Importance of Social Responsibility – My Parents – My Responsibility.”

Outcomes of the Event:

The main aim of the event was to create awareness among youth about the rising societal problems and the need for social responsibility among the youth for a better society. The response of the students is the major outcome of the event. The students were ready to volunteer themselves in helping to create a better society along with the resource persons.