The orientation programme “Embrace’23” on 11/09/23

The orientation programme “Embrace’23” on 11/09/23 for I MBA Students of School of Management organized Knowledge Sharing on MBA – The Way Forward by Mr. Ganesh S, Vice President, ICT Academy, Chennai .The session started at 1:30 p.m. at SACAS Theatre. Dr.Viji.R, Director, School of Management welcomed the gathering. Mr. Ganesh provided guidance on setting and defining goals, emphasizing the importance of having an additional skill set. He implied that to achieve something truly exceptional, it is imperative to extend one’s effort beyond traditional learning and textbooks. As this will lead to personal and professional growth. He also discussed the growing interest of foreign companies in India, highlighting the promising prospect of numerous employment opportunities emerging in the future. Mr.Ganesh concluded the session by encouraging the students to use the opportunity when it is given.