The Department of Psychology has actively participated in a collaborative effort with Lets Reinforce on ‘Livelihood enhancement’

The Department of Psychology of S.A. College of Arts & Science has actively participated in a collaborative effort with Lets Reinforce, a non-governmental organization focused on ‘Livelihood enhancement’, to promote and sell their products within the campus community. The main aim of this initiative is to enhance the livelihood of roadside vendors to boost their income generation. Pikki mikki is an initiative of the non-profit organization that helps procure the products. Students from the Department of Psychology actively participated in this inititaive.

The collaboration between the Department of Psychology and NGO Let’s Reinforce exemplifies our commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By providing a platform for the sale of NGO products, we have contributed to their fundraising efforts while raising awareness about their mission. This initiative stands as a testament to the positive impact that can be achieved through strategic collaborations between academic institutions and social organizations.