“The Corporate Governance Professionals Association” on 17.08.2023

The Department of Corporate Secretaryship of S.A. College of Arts & Science inaugurated its Association named “The Corporate Governance Professionals Association” on 17.08.2023. The Chief Guest for the day is Mr. Athesh Ravi, Founder & Principal Consultant, Arrow Point Market Research and Insight Solutions. The title of the session was Transformational Leadership For The Digital Era.” A Leaders is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. He spotlights the important skill sets required for the new generation where he has emphasised the significance of good leaders and impact we make in the development of our country. He shared his insights on: How to make our self as a Transformational leader, How to Develop skills, 4 Thumb rule of leader, Importance of Developing Leadership Skills, Leadership Core Values, Strategies about the world leaders and Steps to become a Good Leader. After his speech, the Students Associate members are honoured by the guest with Badges and Appointment Letters.