The Homepreneurs Meet organized jointly by the Rotaract Club of SACAS, IWC Chennai Coral and the Institution Innovation Cell of SACAS on October 14, 2022 was a confluence of sharing experiences and the spark of entrepreneurship with the students. To ensure that the students get an idea on the different genres of entrepreneurship, the invitees included Mrs. Aadhieswari, Co-Founder of Millet Magic Meal & an IWC member herself; Mrs. Thara Umesh, a Casting Director; Mrs. Monica Arogiamary, Founder, Theo Foundation and Mrs. Nidhi Sharma, an Integrated Health Coach. The jewel on the crown was the Guest of Honour, CA Nalini Padmanabhan, Director, Canara Bank.

Mrs. Aadhieswari encouraged not only the young minds, but also the faculty who were in the audience to explore opportunities and go to the path that the mind dictates. The fact that the age is a mere number, her transition from a lay person to an entrepreneur even at the age of 48 was a point to reckon with. According to her, the scent of success revolves around basic qualities – honesty, hard work, discipline, and customer satisfaction through quality food.

Mrs. Thara Umesh, a Casting Director by profession was a surprise element for the audience. We had a glimpse of metamorphosis from a demure village damsel to a tigress in a male-dominated scenario. Behind her strong character, she has hidden deep scars of pain, anguish, and a pressing need to keep herself ahead & be refreshingly different. Her thrust was on spiritualism, straightforwardness and maintaining her dignity and decorum at work.

Ms. Monica Arogiamary dons a dual role of both a social entrepreneur and a homepreneur. Being the founder of Theo Foundation has helped her to connect with the special needs of the mentally challenged children supported by Mithra Foundation. Her Wabi-Sabi cafeteria has instilled both confidence and opportunities for these children to become financially independent. Selling tea and coffee to inmates, making yummy sandwiches and baking cakes and cookies at a nominal cost by these children have made her plate full of joy. Ensuring as a homepreneur was a chance factor, thanks to the oodles of idle time available due to the lockdown and backed by specific skin requirements. She made the students to be grateful for their small mercies and kindled with them the joy of giving and sharing.

In the era of mounting stress, maintaining emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing is the need of the hour. Ms. Nidhi Sharma, an Integrated Health Coach, traced her journey from a typical entrepreneur to a homepreneur. Her re-location to Chennai without an inkling of the vernacular language or networking made her think differently. Her penchant for yoga and deep understanding from her gurus made her pursue her profession as a wellness coach. She made the students realize that there is a hidden opportunity in every challenge that crops up. “Realizing the hidden potential and strength of oneself is the actual challenge” was the learning for our students.

Our guest of honour was CA Nalini Padmanabhan, the Director of Canara Bank. She shared the times when she succeeded in hammering the glass ceiling by topping the charts as the 1st rank holder in the professional exam. Hailing from a conservative family, the amazing support from her father and husband has made not only her family but also womanhood proud by holding distinguished positions as the Independent Director, member of Posh etc. Her advice to the student community was directed at perseverance, prospective thoughts and a positive attitude.