IWC Chennai Coral conducts plenty of programs to the students for their personal development. In this context, POSHAW-A-PEAK was conducted, on 25.07.2022, at SACAS theatre, to create awareness on female sexual harassment. The program was attended by participants including faculty members and female students. The Session was handled by Dr.Malathi Selvakkumar, Principal of SACAS and President of IWC Chennai Coral. Madam started the session explaining what Personal Hygiene is and how it should be followed by females. Madam gave a lot of advice and awareness to the female students on female sexual harassment. Madam shared some stories about the people, she came across in life. One of her old students was the daughter of a general manager who fell in love with an auto driver and eloped with him. But that guy spoiled her life. She lost everything even her degree. Similar to this, madam shared many experiences. Madam warned students not to respond to unknown calls and unknown whatsapp messages from strangers. Madam further explained how a person called Kasi, son of a butcher, at Nagercoil spoiled many girls’ lives. At last, madam ended her speech with the advice, “Don’t get diverted by this type of unwanted things” & “Study Well for your bright future.”