Pi Approximation Day 2023

The Department of Mathematics in association with the Mathelets club organised a poster presentation competition held on 21st July 2023 to celebrate Pi Approximation Day. The aim of this event is  promoting mathematical understanding and creativity among students.
    The ceremony took place in the SACAS Preview Theatre. The event began with a welcome address by Dr. S. Prathap, the head of the department, who expressed gratitude to everyone for their presence and support.
    The poster presentations were focused on various methods and approaches to approximate the value of pi. Each participant was given a designated area to display their poster, and they had the opportunity to explain their research and findings to the attendees. The panel of  judges, consisted of experienced faculty members. Dr. Viji R, Director, School of Management and Dr. S. Ganapathy, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Corporate Secretaryship evaluated the posters based on the criteria such as accuracy, clarity, and innovation.
    After careful consideration, the winners were announced and awarded with  prizes. The first prize was won by Vimalendhiren A R, III B.Sc. (NFSM&D), the second prize was won by Harish K II B.Com. CA, and Dharshan Abraham  II B.Com. CA. The third-prize was won by Deepika M, II B.Com. Gen, and Gopika K  II B.Com. Gen. The winner were awarded with shields and certificates for their outstanding work. Additionally all the participants received honorable mentions for their efforts.

The winners of Mathwiz Showdown-2023 are, Vimalendhiren A R, III B.Sc (NFSM&D), Ashwin A B ,  III B.Sc. Psychology and  Kavya Shree M J II B.Sc. (NFSM&D) and Akshayaa S   II B.Sc. (NFSM&D).  They bagged the first three prizes respectively. Overall championship was B.Sc. (NFSM&D).
    The ceremony also included speeches from distinguished guests who commended the participants for their dedication and hard work in exploring the fascinating world of pi approximation. They emphasized the importance of mathematics in various fields and encouraged students to continue pursuing their passion for numbers.
    The valuable feedback of the judges will undoubtedly help the participants improve their mathematical skills.
    The prize distribution ceremony of the Mathwiz Showdown and the poster presentation event celebrated for the Pi Approximation Day were highly successful. It provided a platform for students to showcase their research and creative skills in the field of mathematics. We hope to continue organizing such events in the future to foster a love for numbers and promote mathematical excellence.