“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato

A meeting regarding the installation of a new Inner Wheel Club in S.A. College of Arts & Science happened on 03.01.2022. Ms. Aarthi Narayan (Chennai District ESO), Ms. Niranjani (Thiruvanmiyur Inner Wheel in-charge), Ms. Kamala Selvam (District Chairman) and Ms. Sudha Murali, President of the Thiruvanmiyur Inner Wheel Club took part in the meeting which happened in the Principal’s Cabin. Principal, Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar, Director, Dr. Sayi Satyavathy and new members of the college IWC introduced themselves. The meeting was followed by a session on the Personal, Physical and Mental hygiene for Women Students. Prior to the session, Ms. Sudha Murali, gave a short introduction about the International Inner Wheel Club and shared that they were pleased to be the parent club of the new IWC of the college. She introduced Ms. Kamala Selvam, the Chennai District Chairman to all the members. Ms. Kamala Selvam greeted everyone and spoke about her records and participations in the club. She was delighted to share that she had been part of the Inner Wheel for 17 years. She gave a detailed introduction about the club and its activities.