Mastering Your Thoughts Organized by the Department of Central Library

The Department of Central Library organized a workshop on “Mastering Your Thoughts” at SACAS Theatre on 27th July 2023. The Chief Guest Mr. A T Rajkumar, a Civil Engineer, Entrepreneur and a Writer delivered an interactive session on maintaining a serene mind amidst negativity, emotional disturbances, fear, anxiety, etc. In tandem with it he gave a number of mind techniques to overcome stress and unnecessary thoughts. 

The students of 3rd B.Sc Computer Science, 3rd BCA 3rd B.Com. Accounting and Finance and 3rd B.Com General and faculty member were the prime audience (171) and they stayed highly interactive throughout the session. It was similar to a discussion forum focussing on the ideas like purpose, acceptance, planning, success and failure, passion and overthinking. Philosophical themes like, “Acceptance is the greatest solution to all the problems. Live your present, don’t think about future or past” were given due importance.