Inter- Departmental competition  VINAYAK FEST 2K23 on 15.09.2023

Organizes Inter- Departmental competition
VINAYAK FEST 2K23 on Sep 15th

The main theme of the competition is to create the Vinayagra Idol with biodegradable products(vegetables, Clay, turmeric, Flour, etc.).

inter-department students prepare an eco-friendly Vinayagar idol at Sacas canteen.

Overall 15 teams participated each team contained 3 members.

Students are excited to do idols with bioproducts and display them in Sacas venue.

All Vinayagar idols are made up of paper, wheat flour, turmeric, coconut shells, clay, vegetables, etc.

The competition started at 12.00pm and ended at 1.45 pm in the canteen.

Dr. S. Prathap Department of Mathematics judged the Vinayak Fest 2k23 competition, judgment based on the theme, arrangement, neatness, and creativity.