The installation ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Coral took place on 10.01.2022 at SACAS Theatre. The members of the International Inner Wheel Club joined the new club members in a virtual meeting due to the prevailing pandemic restrictions. The ceremony commenced with an invocation followed by the lighting of kuthuvillaku by the new club president and Principal of SACAS, Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar with the presence of the new club members. Ms. Sudha Murali President of the Parent Club (Thiruvanmiyur IWC), introduced the new club & its members to the virtual gathering, the global members of IWC. 

After the installation ceremony, the members of IWC of Chennai coral, under the guidance of Dr. Malathi selvakumar, Principal of SACAS and President of IWC Chennai Coral and Dr. Sayi Sathyavathi, Director of SACAS and Treasurer of IWC Chennai Coral conducted fun activities for the male staffs in the college to create a sense of oneness among them. 

The first activity conducted was Mr. SACAS in which all the male teaching faculty were divided into five groups with 4 members in each group. Each team was given a limited number of newspaper and a stapler. The second activity conducted was ‘ACT IT OUT’ in which the same 5 teams participated and each team was asked to pick a chit in which a dare was given. The third activity conducted was four seasons for both the teaching and non-teaching male staffs. This activity is like a musical chair in which four seasons were there and the members were asked to start walking in circle in the seasons when the music starts and when it stops, they will stand in anyone of the seasons. A person with their back facing the members calls out anyone season and the people standing in that season will be eliminated from the game. This goes on till the last person stands.