“Fresher’s Day Celebration & Nomination of Board Members” on 17th August 2023

Department of Commerce (Bank Management) of S.A College of Arts and science organized a “Fresher’s Day Celebration & Nomination of Board Members” on 17th August 2023 at Sacas Theatre.
 The Program was started with Prayer song.
 The entire program was hosted with Ms. M. Rinthiya Sai III B. Com Bm and
Ms. Thusyanthi III B. Com Bm.
 The Welcome address was given by Mr.S. Jayamani II B. Com BM.
 The Special Address was given by Dr. P. Pandian Head & Department of Commerce (BM) and followed by Department of Other Faculties.
 The video of multiple events clipping had been released.
 Department of Commerce (Bank Management) association with SACAS Bank. It was inaugurated in March 2021 and have board members. Now for the Present academic year 2023-24, New Board Members were nominated as
1. President- Mr.N. Bharathkumar III B.com BM
2. Vice President – Ms. J. Subashree II B.com BM
3. Secretary – Ms. S. Shrivardhini III B.com BM
4. Joint Secretary – Mr. P. Rohit Narayanan II B.com BM
5. Treasurer – Mr. N. Hepsiba Arputha Mary III B.com BM
 Department of Commerce (Bank Management) has organized Fresher’s Day for the I year students to Promote student’s interactions and communications and it helps to make them get out of their shell.
 This Event was planned and conducted by 2nd & 3rd year students with guidance of
Dr. P. Pandian, Head of the Department and Other faculty members.
 Students conducted the Fresher’s Day program in a very good manner.
 Games, Dance (Solo & Group), Group Singing and song with an Instrument was conducted to show their own talents and skills.
 This will promote the well-being among students.
 Gifts were distributed to I B. Com Bm students.
 Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. M. Preethi II B.com BM