Department of Computer science hosted their stalls

A little step each day adds up to big results one day

-Satya Nani

As a little step, the students of the Department of Computer science hosted their stalls on the college premises on 17-12-2021.

These fests are organized with the objective to provide platform for the students to showcase their talents with a competitive spirit. The event was successful enough to attract as many as 550 students.

Many mouth-watering stalls were placed in the stall.

To mention a few

  • Script Samosa
  • ERP Egg bhejo
  • Sweet Corn Server
  • Python Chicken Pasta
  • Bit coin Bhel purl
  • SQL Sandwich
  • Plugin Panyaram
  • Channa C++
  • Google Gulab
  • HTML Halwa
  • Phishing Pineapple
  • Ram Rose milk

Several gaming events like Dart, Wire loop were also organized. The dart game received a huge audience response.

The Wire loop game continued to keep the audience entertained the full day.

The profit earned through these stalls was donated to “Bird’s Nest Charitable Trust’ in Avadi by the students.

The entire day was filled in memories for hundreds of students, displaying the hard work with a touch of ethnicity and culture.