The Skill Elevation Club of the Department of Computer Science & Applications of S.A College of Arts & Science organized a seminar on  “CYBERSECURITY” on 09th March 2023 in First Floor Computer Science Classroom..

The resource person was Mr.Sureshkumar from Satvat infosol pvt ltd.


The primary objective of the seminar was to provide participants with a foundational understanding of cyber security concepts, threats, and best practices.



The seminar focused on the increasing threat of cyber attacks and the need for individuals and organizations to take necessary measures to protect themselves from such attacks. The resource person highlighted the various types of cyber attacks and the impact they can have on businesses and individuals. The speaker also stressed the importance of regularly updating software and implementing strong passwords as basic steps in ensuring cyber security.


After the keynote address, there were presentations on various topics related to cyber security. The topics covered included:

  • “Cyber Threat Landscape” : This presentation covered the various types of cyber threats, including phishing attacks, malware, and ransom ware. The presenter explained how these threats can be used to steal personal data and disrupt businesses.
  • “Securing Your Online Presence” : This presentation focused on the importance of securing online accounts, including email and social media accounts. The presenter provided tips on creating strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.
  • “Cybersecurity for Small Businesses”: This presentation provided information on how small businesses can protect themselves from cyber attacks. The presenter emphasized the importance of backing up data and training employees on how to recognize and avoid phishing attacks.


The workshop was attended by 93 students of BCA and B.Sc. Computer Science departments. The participants had a basic understanding of cyber security and were looking to expand their knowledge and skills.


The participants left the programme with a greater appreciation for the importance of cybersecurity and the skills and knowledge necessary to protect themselves from cyber threats.


The seminar on cyber security was a success in creating awareness and educating participants on the importance of cyber security. It provided valuable information and insights on how individuals and organizations can protect themselves from cyber-attacks.