The Skill Elevation Club of the Department of Computer Science & Applications of S.A College of Arts & Science organized a peer seminar on RECENT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS” on 27th  January 2023.

The resource person was Mr.S.L.Praveen, student of III B.Sc. Computer Science.

Around 95 students of BCA and B.Sc. Computer Science attended the session.

He started with Low code development, its uses and where and how it is used in latest fields. Examples were also given for better understanding.

Then he moved on to block chain which was explained briefly and he explained the concept of how it works. He also explained on where the block chain is used, its Pros and Cons.

He explained the importance of crypto currencies, bit coins, Ethereum in the block chain technology.

Internet of things was easy to understand as we are using it in our day today life like in smart watches, smart homes, cars etc… 


He gave the information about where it is used and how it made our life easy.

NFT was an interesting topic and he showed in which platform it is being used and the purpose of it. He also told how the products are sold using block chain technology.

Chat GPT was a new topic as it just came out for public use. He practically showed us how AI plays an important role making of life easier. He showed AI creating blogs and writing programs.

He demonstrated Dall-e, a AI image creation platform, He showed how the images are created using AI and what can we do with those images and how to make use of it. We saw how the keywords we type in are put into use by the AI using Dall-e.

The seminar also provided students with an opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from him. Many students asked about the best ways to gain experience and stand out in the field, as well as the most in-demand certifications and qualifications.

In conclusion, the seminar on “RECENT SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENTS” provided valuable insights for students and young professionals looking to enter the field of Software Development.