The Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Coral celebrated International Women’s Day on 11.03.2022 with their maiden event called “Shrishti” 2022- The power to create, nurture and transform. In recognition of women’s selfless contribution to society, ten dynamic women from various fields were honoured, during the event.

The awardees were chosen meticulously based on their distinct and exceptional achievements. The Lifetime Achiever Award was given to Dr. V. K. Shantha- a renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Former HOD from Sundaram Medical Foundation for affirming that need service is not measured with money but with sincerity & integrity, The Fiery Knight award to Dr. Meenakshi VijayaKumar- Director, Tamilnadu Fire & Rescue Services for choosing the untrodden path for others to follow, The Humanitarian Award to Ms.Mohini Sriram- Treasurer of Bala Vihar for proving that service to humanity is superior to religion, The Vision Builder award to Dr. Srimathy Kesan- Founder & CEO, Space Kidz India for casting her creative spell in young minds with her magic wand, The Difference Maker award to Ms. Meena Sathyamoorthy- Social Activist, CEO, Dhayaas Outlet for redefining the impossible, The Versatile Woman award to Ms.Lisha Chinnu- Founder and CEO of Cirkle PR for embracing who she is and daring to show it to the world, Ms.Sneha Mohandoss- Founder of Food Bank India For showing that the best way to find oneself is to lose oneself in the service of others, The Trailblazer award to Dr.Arathi Arun- Commonwealth Powerlifting Champion, Dental Surgeon, Director of Smile Centre for breaking the social barriers, The Catalyst of Change award to Dr Madhu Saran Vel- Director- STC Skills Pvt Ltd, Founder- River NGO for proving that change is by choice & not with time and The Champion Crew award to Emergency Medical Technicians-108 Ambulance- GVK EMRI, Govt. of Tamilnadu for demonstrating that the strength of each member is the team.

The awardees, after getting the awards, addressed the students and shared a few instances from their lives. They also spoke about the challenges they faced in their path of achievements which motivated and inspired the students. Each awardee planted a sapling inside the college campus. The event was a grand success and received wide appreciation from all the guests and the general public.