The Inner Wheel Club Chennai Coral and Rotaract Club of SACAS jointly organized the “Breastfeeding Awareness Session” on account of World Breastfeeding Week (WAW) on  2nd August 2022. All the final year girls participated in the session which happened between 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. at SACAS theatre. Dr. V. Lakshmi, Consultant and Head of the department of Neonatology, Dr. Mehtas Multi Specialty Hospital, Chennai, was the guest speaker of the session. 

The facilitator started the session with basic questions on motherhood and the importance of breast-feeding. She then elaborated on the inevitable role that mothers have to play before and after delivering the baby. With simplified definitions and explanations on the nutrients found in breast-milk, she made the students understand the need for breast-feeding. She also presented some statistical data on the increase and decrease of breast-feeding in different countries of the world and explained the increase of diseases in newly born, specifically in their neonatal stage, due to the decrease of breast-feeding.