B.Com CA Talent Hunt on 14.07.2023

The department of Commerce (CA) successfully completed the Inter Departmental Competitions, on the occasion of International Youth Skills Day on 14.07.23. The event was a talent hunt that showcased the incredible skills and abilities of our youth workforce.

We were honoured to have Ms. Monisha Venkatraman, “Co-Owner of Visible Difference”a renowned expert in the field, as our chief guest for the event. Her presence added immense value and encouraged our participants to give their best performances.

The competition comprised of four exciting and challenging events that took place on 13.07.23. The events are:

  1. RJ Hunt: Participants had the opportunity to showcase their talent as radio jockeys, demonstrating their communication skills, creativity, and ability to engage listeners.
  2. Just the Solution: This event tested the problem-solving skills of our participants. They were presented with real-life scenarios and had to come up with innovative solutions.
  3. Plan De Negotio Business Plan: In this event, participants were required to develop a comprehensive business plan for a hypothetical company using their entrepreneurial skills, strategic thinking, and financial analysis.
  4.  Techno Model: This event allowed participants to showcase their technical prowess by creating and presenting innovative technological models.

 The winners of the competitions are:


First Prize: Abinaya and Joel -II Viscom

Second Prize: Shivanesh and Satish- B. Com., (CS)


First Prize: Karunya III B.Sc., (CS)

Second Prize: Ananthu II B.Com., (A &F)


First Prize: Midhun.S   and Vinesh.V.R II B.Com., (A&F)

Second Prize: R.Gouthaman & J.Rakshith III B.Sc., (CS)


First Prize: Karunya III B.Sc., (CS)

Second Prize: Akilan II B.Sc., (CS)

 The department congratulated the winning teams for their outstanding performances. Each team demonstrated exceptional skill, creativity, and teamwork, making it a tough decision for the judges.

 This competition has provided a platform for personal and professional growth, and has fostered a sense of camaraderie within our organization.

The department will organize such events in the future to celebrate the skills and talents of our incredible youth workforce.


The   main aim of this event   is to create awareness for the youths about the importance of having the set of skill for the jobs at hand and to highlight their talents and skills. This aim is achieved and the outcome of the event has come out well as planned.