On 29th October, 2022 Inner wheel Club of Chennai Coral, Red Ribbon Club & Rotaract Club of S.A.College of Arts & Science organised a session on CANCARE (Cancer Care) Dispel the Darkness. Dr.Nandhini Arulraj, Assistant Professor and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Omandur Medical College Hospital, Chennai addressed the women candidates of our college. She gave an insight on the symptoms, causes and treatment for Breast Cancer, besides explaining the process and importance of self-examination. The relationship between uterus and ovarian cancer was highlighted with live examples for easy comprehension. 

The doctor made the audience aware that age was no bar for a woman to get breast cancer, and that no proven ayurvedic remedy is available. The common reasons for getting affected by breast cancer were attributed to heredity , harmonal imbalances, risk due to change in life style etc. She even discussed about irregular periods and menstrual cycles besides PCOD. 

The session ended on an interactive note with a volley of questions asked by both staff and students and answered with gusto by Dr. Nandhini. The management of the college is grateful to her for having touched upon taboo topics and shattering the myths that surround PCOD and breast cancer.