Awareness Program on Plastic Waste Management- Department of


Date: August 24, 2023

Introduction: An awareness program on plastic waste management was organized on August 24, 2023, with the objective of educating the community about the importance of responsible plastic waste disposal. The event was conducted in collaboration with Bisleri International Private Limited, one of the leading companies in the beverage industry. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Dhanasekar Srinivasan, Executive CSR, and Mr. Iyyappan Janakiraman, Executive CSR, both from Bisleri International Private Limited.

Event Details: The awareness program was held SACAS and was attended by students and teachers. The program commenced at 10:00 AM and lasted until 12:00 PM.

Highlights of the Program:

Inauguration and Welcome Address:

The event began with a formal inauguration ceremony, during which the chief guest, Mr. Dhanasekar Srinivasan, and Mr. Iyyappan Janakiraman were welcomed on stage.
The organizers extended their gratitude to Bisleri International Private Limited for their partnership and support in conducting the event.

Keynote Speeches:

Mr. Dhanasekar Srinivasan delivered a keynote speech on the significance of plastic waste management and its impact on the environment.
Mr. Iyyappan Janakiraman shared insights on Bisleri International Private Limited’s initiatives towards sustainable packaging and recycling.
Presentation on Plastic Waste Management:

A comprehensive presentation was delivered by a team of environmental experts who provided an overview of plastic waste management techniques, including reduce, reuse, and recycle.
They highlighted the adverse effects of improper plastic waste disposal and suggested alternative eco-friendly materials.

Interactive Sessions and Workshops:

Engaging interactive sessions and workshops were conducted to educate the participants on the segregation, collection, and recycling of plastic waste.
Practical demonstrations were carried out, showcasing creative ways to repurpose plastic waste into useful products.

Panel Discussion:
The panel addressed queries from the audience and discussed strategies for effective plastic waste management at individual and community levels.

Conclusion: The awareness program on plastic waste management, organized in collaboration with Bisleri International Private Limited, proved to be highly successful in creating awareness among the participants about responsible plastic waste disposal. The valuable insights shared by the speakers, interactive sessions, and workshops contributed to increasing the knowledge and understanding of the attendees on the importance of sustainable practices. The event inspired individuals to adopt eco-friendly alternatives and take responsibility for the proper management of plastic waste, thus contributing towards a greener and more sustainable future.