Athichudi Ilakkiya Thedal Literary Event on 03.04.2024

S.A. College of Arts & Science Sri Krishna Sweets Organize “Athichudi Ilakkiya Thedal” Literary Event for Students The Department of Tamil at S.A. College of Arts & Science, in collaboration with Sri Krishna Sweets, Ilakkiya Koodal, and Hamsathvani, organized a literary event titled “Athichudi Ilakkiya Thedal” for students on April 3, 2024. The event, which focused on the exploration of Athichudi, a classic Tamil text, was held at 11:00 a.m. in the college auditorium. Dr. Manimegalai Siddharth, a renowned orator and television personality, served as the special guest of honor. The college correspondent, Mr. P. Venkatesh Raja, Director Dr. Sayi Satyavathi, and Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar presided over the event. Mr. K. Mani, Secretary of Ilakkiya Koodal, played a key role in coordinating the event. Mr. M. Vijayakumar, Head of the Department of Tamil, delivered the welcome address, while Mrs. R. Reka Mani, President of Ilakkiya Koodal, provided the introductory speech. Dr. Manimegalai Siddharth’s speech, titled “What is Love?”, explored the multifaceted nature of love using various examples and references, likely drawing connections to the themes found in Athichudi. The event was a resounding success, effectively fostering literary interest among the students, particularly in the rich classical Tamil text of Athichudi.