A Special Lecture for World Mental Health Day on 12.10.2023

S.A. College of Arts & Science Hosts a Special Lecture for World Mental Health Day on 12.10.2023
In recognition of World Mental Health Day, the Department of Psychology of S.A. College of Arts & Science organized a special lecture on Mental Health Awareness. The event, held on October 12, 2023, featured two eminent resource persons who addressed the pressing challenges related to mental health. Dr. Anuja Venkatesh, Assistant Professor at the Madras School of Social Work, was one of the distinguished speakers of the event. Dr. Venkatesh highlighted the importance of making conscious decisions to protect one’s mental health while engaging with social media. She emphasized that when not used mindfully, social media can steal precious time and contribute to mental health challenges. Another resource person Mr. Kumaran Rajan, a Clinical Psychologist at the Institute of Mental Health, shared insights on the rights of individuals living with mental illness. He emphasized the importance of respecting the rights and dignity of people with mental health conditions and the need for society to provide them with the support and understanding they deserve.
The event received strong support from the Correspondent Mr. P. Venkatesh Raja, Director Dr. V. Sayi Sathyavathi and Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakumar.