The Inner Wheel Club (Chennai Coral) of S. A. College of Arts and Science has organised a special session titled “Domestic Violence” for the Janitors of SACAS and Sudharsanam Vidyaashram. Legal aids and advices were given to battle it tactfully by a friendly and profound speaker & Advocate, Mrs. Jothilakshmi Sundaresan.

By practising law for the last 14 years, she was able to give a vivid picture of the domestic violence that is happening in and around us. Through her conversational style, she brought out the paradoxical nature of love and fear prevalent at home in tandem with the general psyche of men with respect to our rich tradition and culture, to which women are always bound. By stepping into their shoes, she was able to list out the abuses that they were facing and suggest remedial measures for combating them. The typical mindset of women in taking abnormal things (which need consideration) as normal and the attitude of getting well accustomed to the pain were put forth. Women’s education, empowerment, and economic freedom were the other areas that were thrown into the spotlight to get rid of subjugation and domestic violence against them.

As the women and men workers enthusiastically participated, the programme turned out to be a great success. Fortunately, the voice of the voiceless was voiced out by the meticulous efforts made by our principal and our management.