75th Republic Day – SACAS

75th Republic Day at S. A. College of Arts & Science.

In a grand celebration marking the 75th Republic Day at S. A. College of Arts & Science on January 26, 2024, Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar, the esteemed Principal, presided over the event as the chief guest. The Principal unfurled the national flag and delivered an inspiring Republic Day message, emphasizing the importance of unity and patriotism. The event showcased a diverse array of cultural programs, including eloquent speeches, mesmerizing dance performances, and a patriotic parade. Both students and faculty members actively engaged in the festivities, reflecting the college’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of national pride. The programme was directed and perfected by Mr. P. Venkatesh Raja, the Correspondent and Dr. V. Sayi Satyavathi, the Director. Mr. Sivamaran, the Director of Physical Education, and his dedicated team played a pivotal role in organizing the vibrant and memorable celebration, creating a sense of collective joy and patriotism throughout the campus.