A one-day free medical checkup camp on 24.02.2024

Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Coral and Equitas Trust in association with S.A. College of Arts & Science and Commerce (Computer Application) conducted a one-day free medical checkup camp on 24/02/2024 (Saturday), at Sacas campus between 9.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

A medical team from Lifeline Hospital examined medical conditions like Eye Checkup, Acupuncture therapy and mammogram tests for Students,  Teaching, and Non-Teaching staff of S.A. College of Arts & Science. Totally 120 members participated and availed of various medical benefits, which was a big success. 

A Wellness Awareness Session (Day 04) on “Improving Emotional Quotient for First Year Girls (Science Students)” on 21.08.2023

S.A.COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE, in association with Inner Wheel Club Coral, conducted a Wellness Awareness Session (Day 04) on "Improving Emotional Quotient for First Year Girls (Science Students)" on 21.08.2023, by our *Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar* in the SACAS Theatre.

A Wellness Awareness Session (Day 03) on “Improving Emotional Quotient for First Year Girls (Science Students)” on 16.08.2023

S.A.COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE, in association with Inner Wheel Club Coral, conducted A Wellness Awareness Session (Day 03) on "Improving Emotional Quotient for First Year Girls (Science Students)" on 16.08.2023, by our *Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar* in the SACAS Theatre.

Wellness Awareness Session* on “Improving Emotional Quotient for First Year Girls

S.A.COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE, in association with Inner Wheel Club Coral, conducted a Wellness Awareness Session on "Improving Emotional Quotient for First Year Girls" by our Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar.




IWC CHENNAI CORAL – In association with “Tamil Nadu Employment and Training Centre” Skill India organizes “Government ITI Employment Opportunity – (An Awareness Session)”

The Inner Wheel Club Chennai Coral SACAS organised the “Government ITI Employment Opportunity - An Awareness Session on 20.07.2023. Non-teaching and housekeeping staff participated in this session between 10.00 & 11.00 am in the college premises. Mrs. Raji, A.T.O & Ms. M. Ponnarazhi, J.T.O from Government ITI, Ambattur conducted the session. This programme was conducted to provide counselling and relevant information about skills, employment opportunities and assisting the non-teaching staff to choose the career based on their aptitude, Skill set and involve the community to promote entrepreneurship.


The qualification for all the training courses is 8th or 10th pass. List of training programmes are

  1. Draughtsman Civil – 10th pass – Training Period 2 years
  2. COBA, Computer Operator – 10th pass – 1 year
  3. SCVT, Computer Operator – 10th pass – 1 year
  4. Sewing Technology –8th or 10th pass - 1 year
  5. Stenography & Type Writing, English – 10th pass – I year


The presentation was about the above training courses, regarding on going admissions, only for female candidates with no age limit. The students joining in the above said courses will get the following benefits of free training, stipend of Rs. 750, free notes books and 2 sets of free uniform, free bus pass. free lap top and placement.



The Inner Wheel Club (Chennai Coral) of S. A. College of Arts and Science has organised a special session titled "Domestic Violence" for the Janitors of SACAS and Sudharsanam Vidyaashram. Legal aids and advices were given to battle it tactfully by a friendly and profound speaker & Advocate, Mrs. Jothilakshmi Sundaresan.

By practising law for the last 14 years, she was able to give a vivid picture of the domestic violence that is happening in and around us. Through her conversational style, she brought out the paradoxical nature of love and fear prevalent at home in tandem with the general psyche of men with respect to our rich tradition and culture, to which women are always bound. By stepping into their shoes, she was able to list out the abuses that they were facing and suggest remedial measures for combating them. The typical mindset of women in taking abnormal things (which need consideration) as normal and the attitude of getting well accustomed to the pain were put forth. Women's education, empowerment, and economic freedom were the other areas that were thrown into the spotlight to get rid of subjugation and domestic violence against them.

As the women and men workers enthusiastically participated, the programme turned out to be a great success. Fortunately, the voice of the voiceless was voiced out by the meticulous efforts made by our principal and our management.


On 16.09.2022, Inner wheel Club of Chennai Coral and S.A.College of Arts & Science organised a Awareness session “Cyber Security Awareness”. Tr.Sai Ganesh given awareness speech on Cybercrimes happening around us. He discussed various cybercrime cases faced by general public and explained how we can avoid ourselves from such fraudulent hacks. He explained about the Organisational Crime which is done to spoil company's goodwill and explained about individual crime which is very important for students like dignity fame crime, mobile crime, mirror app crime, personal information scamming, Email mockup crime, IP address tracking, proxy usage and child abuse videos. He shared Helpline no.1930 and website www.cybercrime.gov.in. This session conducted to the male students of S.A.College of Arts & Science. This session is a need of the hour. Because most of the students are addicted to the mobile phone after the spread of Covid-19. 


On 29th October, 2022 Inner wheel Club of Chennai Coral, Red Ribbon Club & Rotaract Club of S.A.College of Arts & Science organised a session on CANCARE (Cancer Care) Dispel the Darkness. Dr.Nandhini Arulraj, Assistant Professor and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Omandur Medical College Hospital, Chennai addressed the women candidates of our college. She gave an insight on the symptoms, causes and treatment for Breast Cancer, besides explaining the process and importance of self-examination. The relationship between uterus and ovarian cancer was highlighted with live examples for easy comprehension. 

The doctor made the audience aware that age was no bar for a woman to get breast cancer, and that no proven ayurvedic remedy is available. The common reasons for getting affected by breast cancer were attributed to heredity , harmonal imbalances, risk due to change in life style etc. She even discussed about irregular periods and menstrual cycles besides PCOD. 

The session ended on an interactive note with a volley of questions asked by both staff and students and answered with gusto by Dr. Nandhini. The management of the college is grateful to her for having touched upon taboo topics and shattering the myths that surround PCOD and breast cancer.

“Menstruation at Workplace: An Overlooked Issue – The Male’s Eye”

On 29th October 2022, Inner Wheel Club of Chennai Coral SACAS in association with Association of Accounting & Financial Professionals and SACASians Fin.Tech Club organised an event, “Menstruation at Workplace: An Overlooked Issue – The Male’s Eye”. The event was facilitated by the Chief Guest, Dr. Srinivasan, MD General Medicine, Murugan Hospitals with 100 tertiary-level male students as his audience. 

He thrashed out the fact on how the natural process of ‘Menstruation’ has been politicised and used as a tool to suppress women, in order to establish a male dominant society. Dr. Srinivasan reminded the audience of the certitude of our country’s belief and customs in idolizing women and their menstruation, with reference to the temple of Kamakhya Devi, the Goddess of Menstruation in Assam. Subsequently, he explained the stages briefly i.e. the first five days of the menstrual cycle comprises, the bleeding phase where the layer of endometrium sheds and bleeds. Following that next 5 days, the layer of endometrium starts to grow afresh. 

The phase between 11 to 16 days is when fertilization occurs. In addition, Dr. Srinivasan expounded on the PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) which gives an indication to women that they are going to menstruate soon. The symptoms of PMS include: bloating, pain in abdomen, and frequent mood swings. He also emphasized that men should acknowledge, understand, and support women in all aspects during their periods by lending their ears and listening to their needs, not by judging them for the least.

Furthermore, he underscored the fact that sex before 18 is literally a rape, and made all the male students to pledge that they would not touch or event attempt to speak with a woman without her consent. Dr. Srinivasan concluded the groundbreaking session with the famous Tamil tag, “Ennam pol valkai”


The Homepreneurs Meet organized jointly by the Rotaract Club of SACAS, IWC Chennai Coral and the Institution Innovation Cell of SACAS on October 14, 2022 was a confluence of sharing experiences and the spark of entrepreneurship with the students. To ensure that the students get an idea on the different genres of entrepreneurship, the invitees included Mrs. Aadhieswari, Co-Founder of Millet Magic Meal & an IWC member herself; Mrs. Thara Umesh, a Casting Director; Mrs. Monica Arogiamary, Founder, Theo Foundation and Mrs. Nidhi Sharma, an Integrated Health Coach. The jewel on the crown was the Guest of Honour, CA Nalini Padmanabhan, Director, Canara Bank.

Mrs. Aadhieswari encouraged not only the young minds, but also the faculty who were in the audience to explore opportunities and go to the path that the mind dictates. The fact that the age is a mere number, her transition from a lay person to an entrepreneur even at the age of 48 was a point to reckon with. According to her, the scent of success revolves around basic qualities – honesty, hard work, discipline, and customer satisfaction through quality food.

Mrs. Thara Umesh, a Casting Director by profession was a surprise element for the audience. We had a glimpse of metamorphosis from a demure village damsel to a tigress in a male-dominated scenario. Behind her strong character, she has hidden deep scars of pain, anguish, and a pressing need to keep herself ahead & be refreshingly different. Her thrust was on spiritualism, straightforwardness and maintaining her dignity and decorum at work.

Ms. Monica Arogiamary dons a dual role of both a social entrepreneur and a homepreneur. Being the founder of Theo Foundation has helped her to connect with the special needs of the mentally challenged children supported by Mithra Foundation. Her Wabi-Sabi cafeteria has instilled both confidence and opportunities for these children to become financially independent. Selling tea and coffee to inmates, making yummy sandwiches and baking cakes and cookies at a nominal cost by these children have made her plate full of joy. Ensuring as a homepreneur was a chance factor, thanks to the oodles of idle time available due to the lockdown and backed by specific skin requirements. She made the students to be grateful for their small mercies and kindled with them the joy of giving and sharing.

In the era of mounting stress, maintaining emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing is the need of the hour. Ms. Nidhi Sharma, an Integrated Health Coach, traced her journey from a typical entrepreneur to a homepreneur. Her re-location to Chennai without an inkling of the vernacular language or networking made her think differently. Her penchant for yoga and deep understanding from her gurus made her pursue her profession as a wellness coach. She made the students realize that there is a hidden opportunity in every challenge that crops up. “Realizing the hidden potential and strength of oneself is the actual challenge” was the learning for our students.

Our guest of honour was CA Nalini Padmanabhan, the Director of Canara Bank. She shared the times when she succeeded in hammering the glass ceiling by topping the charts as the 1st rank holder in the professional exam. Hailing from a conservative family, the amazing support from her father and husband has made not only her family but also womanhood proud by holding distinguished positions as the Independent Director, member of Posh etc. Her advice to the student community was directed at perseverance, prospective thoughts and a positive attitude.