"Shrishti 24" Celebrates Women's Day with Insightful Program on 11.03.2024

In commemoration of Women's Day, the S. A. College of Arts & Science proudly organized "Shrishti 24," an enlightening program featuring esteemed resource persons Dr. S Vijayakumar, Ms. Nina Reddy, Ms. Rajalakshmi Srinivasan, and Ms. Archana Stalin. Scheduled for March 11, 2024, at the SACAS Auditorium from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, the event aims to highlight the achievements and contributions of women in various fields. Organized with meticulous care, "Shrishti 24" promises a sophisticated blend of knowledge, expertise, and inspiration, offering attendees a unique opportunity for intellectual enrichment while celebrating the spirit of Women's Day.

Anti-Human Trafficking

எஸ் . கலை மற்றும் அறிவியல் கல்லூரி நாட்டு நலப் பணித் திட்டத்தின் சார்பாக 20 .7 .2023 அன்று காலை 11:30 மணியிலிருந்து 1 மணி வரையிலும் Anti-Human Trafficking விழிப்புணர்வு நிகழ்ச்சி நடைபெற்றது. விழாவிற்கு வந்திருந்தவர்களை வரவேற்று நாட்டு நலப் பணித்திட்ட  மாணவி ஜெயஸ்ரீ வரவேற்புரை வழங்கினார். இந்நிகழ்ச்சியில் சிறப்பு விருந்தினர்களாகத் திரு ஹரிகரன் அவர்களும் திருமதி பிரவீணா சாலமன் அவர்களும்  கலந்து கொண்டு மாணவர்களுக்கு விழிப்புணர்வு உரையாற்றினர். மனிதக் கடத்தலைத் தடுப்பது பற்றியும் குழந்தைத் தொழிலாளரை மீட்பதைப் பற்றியும் காணொளிக் காட்சி மூலமாகவும் மாணவர்களுக்குத் தெளிவாக விளக்கினர். குழந்தைத் தொழிலாளர் மற்றும் பெண்கள் பாதுகாப்புக்கான அரசின் இலவசத் தொலைபேசி எண்ணையும் மாணவர்களுக்கு வழங்கினர்.


நிகழ்ச்சியின் நிறைவில். மனிதக் கடத்தல் தடுப்பு பற்றிய உறுதிமொழி வாசகத்தினை சிறப்பு விருந்தினர்கள் வாசிக்க மாணவர்கள் உறுதிமொழி எடுத்துக் கொண்டனர். விழா நிறைவில் இவ்விழாவிற்கு அனுமதி அளித்த கல்லூரியின் தாளாளர் திரு பி.வெங்கடேஷ் ராஜா அவர்களுக்கும் மற்றும் சிறப்பு விருந்தினர்களுக்கும் நன்றி கூறித் தன் இனிய நன்றியுரை  வழங்கினார் நாட்டு நலப் பணித்திட்ட மாணவத் தலைவர் செல்வன் அகிலன்.


இந்நிகழ்ச்சியில் கல்லூரி முதல்வர் முனைவர் மாலதி செல்வகுமார் அவர்களும் கல்லூரி இயக்குனர் முனைவர் சாய் சத்யவதி அவர்களும் கலந்து கொண்டு சிறப்பு விருந்தினர்களைச் சிறப்பித்தனர். விழாவிற்கான ஏற்பாடுகளை கல்லூரியின் நாட்டு நலப்பணித்திட்டப் பொறுப்பாளர் திரு மா .விஜயகுமார் சிறப்பாகச் செய்திருந்தது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.


IWC CHENNAI CORAL – In association with “Tamil Nadu Employment and Training Centre” Skill India organizes “Government ITI Employment Opportunity – (An Awareness Session)”

The Inner Wheel Club Chennai Coral SACAS organised the “Government ITI Employment Opportunity - An Awareness Session on 20.07.2023. Non-teaching and housekeeping staff participated in this session between 10.00 & 11.00 am in the college premises. Mrs. Raji, A.T.O & Ms. M. Ponnarazhi, J.T.O from Government ITI, Ambattur conducted the session. This programme was conducted to provide counselling and relevant information about skills, employment opportunities and assisting the non-teaching staff to choose the career based on their aptitude, Skill set and involve the community to promote entrepreneurship.


The qualification for all the training courses is 8th or 10th pass. List of training programmes are

  1. Draughtsman Civil – 10th pass – Training Period 2 years
  2. COBA, Computer Operator – 10th pass – 1 year
  3. SCVT, Computer Operator – 10th pass – 1 year
  4. Sewing Technology –8th or 10th pass - 1 year
  5. Stenography & Type Writing, English – 10th pass – I year


The presentation was about the above training courses, regarding on going admissions, only for female candidates with no age limit. The students joining in the above said courses will get the following benefits of free training, stipend of Rs. 750, free notes books and 2 sets of free uniform, free bus pass. free lap top and placement.


Inauguration of Literary Association – “The Renaissance”, an Orientation Programme and the Freshers’ Day Celebration

The Department of English of SACAS had the Inauguration of its Literary Association - "The Renaissance ", an Orientation Programme for the B.A. English students and the Freshers’ Day Celebration for the first year students on 20-07-2023 in the Preview Theatre between 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. Ms. K. Makeshwari, (Language Trainer), Assistant Professor in English, KCS Kasi Nadar College of Arts and Science, Chennai was the chief guest of the day.  The programmes were organised by Mr. M. Thanga Kumaran, Head of the English Department under the guidance and support of the Correspondent Thiru. P. Venkatesh Raja, the Director Dr. V. Sayi Satyavathi and the Principal Dr. Malathi Selvakkumar.

The programmes started with lighting of the lamp and invocation. Ms. S. Logapriya welcomed the gathering and Mr. M. Thanga Kumaran introduced and felicitated the guest. He also gave a key note address for the day. In the presence of the guest and the host, Ms. S. Vaishnavi, the President of the literary association – The Renaissance took charge and delivered her presidential address. She took the oath and laid a track for the department for the upcoming days. She announced the various clubs of the department and the faculty in charges of the clubs to ensure a smooth sail. The clubs and the faculty in charges are: Ms. S. Vaishnavi - President of the literary association “The Renaissance”, Ms. S. Logapriya – Coordinator of the readers’ club “The Bookmark”, Mr. S. Naresh – SPOC of the newsletter “The Spectrum”, Ms. S. P. Madhumathi – the Administer of the literary festival “The English Fair” and Ms. S. Clementcia the Manager of the theatre club – The Na Va Ra Saa.

Ms. K. Makeshwari graced the event by inaugurating the literary association and delivering the inaugural address. She served as a Resource Person of the Orientation Programme for the B.A. English students and delivered a talk on the topic "English - Lit Learn with Language." She spoke on the importance of the English language and the myriad of opportunities available for the English graduates. It was an interactive and informative session and the resource person handled the students diligently by resolving their doubts. Mr. S. Deepan gave the closing remarks and Mr. S Naresh delivered the vote of thanks. Ms. S. Sri Vidhya hosted the programmes and Mr. D. Kevin and Mr. L. P. Vishal made the overall arrangements.

After the academic sessions the stage was filled with young and vibrant students representing the English department. The senior students welcomed the freshers and entertained them with games and cultural events. Tokens of love were given to the faculty members and the students. The young minds were inspired by the dignitaries, the faculty members and the students. They were ready to equip, emerge and delve themselves in the ocean of literature. The programmes ended with the national anthem.



Live Production with Blackmagic Design Product and Introduction to Davinci Resolve Workshop

The Department of Visual Communication of SA College of Arts and Science in association with Proserve Business Solutions jointly organised a one-day workshop 'Live Production with Blackmagic Design Product and Introduction to Davinci Resolve' on 19 July 2024. The workshop was conducted between 11 am to 3 pm at the Preview Theatre of SACAS. Mr. Gotham Raj, Mr. Shiva Sagar, Mr. Mathivannan, and Mr. Vasan were the resource persons. All the students from the first, second, and third BSc Visual Communication Batches jointly attended the workshop. The students were highly involved in the interactive workshop which opened new frontiers in the field of Visual Communication.


Fresher’s Day Celebration 2023-2024

S. A. College of Arts & Science organized Freshers' Day-2023 on 07-07-2023 at 10:30 a.m. in the Auditorium. Along with the celebration an induction programme for the freshers was conducted. Mr. R. Sathish Raj, Founder and CEO of E-Crusaders was the chief guest. He addressed the students on various aspects of life. The day is marked as a red-letter day of SACAS. The celebration was graced by the Correspondent, Director and the Principal.

75th Independence Day 

"Experience the magic of Indian cinema and its role in shaping our nation with our week-long 75th Independence Day movie screening."


Lalit kala Akademi – News photography Exhibition -11.02.2023

"A day to glimpse into the world of photojournalism at Lalit Kala Akademi."


Viscom Infrastructure

Audio Recording 

"Achieve the perfect mix with our advanced 7.1 audio mix technology."

Green  & Blue Matte Studio

"Get Ready to Create Magic with Green Matte"

"Transforming Ideas into Masterpieces with Blue Matte"


"Lights, camera, action! Experience the magic of film in our DI shooting studio."

Preview Theatre

“Get a sneak peek magic in Preview Theatre”