Rocket Formation – World Records Union

Student ExNoRa of SACAS as Successfully made the largest human image of rocket wherein 1000 students have participated on 25.11.2022 which has been recognized as the WORLD RECORD by WORLD RECORDS UNION.

Mass Cleaning Activity In Avadi Paruthipattu Lake

Organised 100 Student ExNoRa of SACAS Members For Mass Cleaning Activity In Avadi Paruthipattu Lake Under The Guidence Of Honourable Minister For Milk and Dairy Development Department  S.M.Nasar on 23.07.2022.

ExNoRa club Inauguration

The student ExNoRa club of SACAS was inaugurated on 24 march 2022. The board members of the club were introduced and they pledged their oath. The same day, herbal garden of SACAS was inaugurated by  Dr. Nirmal sir , founder of ExNoRa International followed by his detailed lecture. The idea of the herbal garden was brought into action in order to plant and nurture herbal and medicinal plants for us and mother nature to benefit.