A Two Days International conference (sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) on 27.03.2024 & 28.03.2024

The International conference hosted by the School of Commerce, S.A. College of Arts & Science and sponsored by ICSSR on March, 27th & March 28th 2024  featured insightful technical panel discussions. On 27th March 2024  Mr. Libinus Xavier precisely elucidated the factors driving the rejuvenation of health tourism with AI, while Mr. J. Saravanan shared valuable insights into AI tools in digital marketing. Additionally, Mr. P. Rajkumar offered his understanding of how AI is shaping retail through insights into shopper behavior, and Dr. Malani Sathappan shared knowledge on the integration of AI in HR practices.On 28th March 2024 session continued the explanation  of with Dr. Md. Kamal Uddin exploring the dichotomy of AI in psychological security and Mr. Md. Akram Basha providing precise insights into using data & AI to solve business problems. Dr. K. Ravi then elucidated the various aspects of culture and AI, highlighting a paradigm shift, while Mr. Shunder Kumar expounded on the role of aggregators utilizing AI.

DAY 1:

DAY 2:


The PG Department of Commerce (General) successfully organized an “Financial & Tax Literacy Drive” on 29.12.2023

The PG Department of Commerce (General) successfully organized an “Financial & Tax Literacy Drive” on the 29th of December 2023, between 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The event aimed to raise awareness about Banking system, insurance , direct taxes and reading of financial statements. 

A four-day program aimed at promoting agriculture awareness

The "Fall in Love with Farming" event, organized by the Department of Commerce (General) in association with the Cubicle of Royal Commerce, was a four-day program aimed at promoting agriculture awareness and hands-on experience among the students and staff. The event included activities such as plot cleaning, pot purchasing, soil and compost filling, and seeding planting.

The "Fall in Love with Farming" event was organized to foster an understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its significance in our lives. It aimed to provide participants with practical insights into farming processes while promoting a sense of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Day 1: Plot Cleaning
- The event kicked off with a Plot Cleaning session. Participants gathered at the designated area and engaged in cleaning and preparing the agricultural plots for the upcoming planting activities.
- The session encouraged teamwork and highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean and organized farming environment.

Day 2: Pot Purchasing
- On the second day, participants were involved in the selection and purchasing of pots for the cultivation of plants.
- This activity introduced participants to the essential equipment required for gardening and allowed them to make informed choices.

Day 3: Pot Filling with Soil & Compost
- Day three focused on the preparation of pots for planting. Participants learned about the importance of soil and compost in plant growth.
- They actively filled pots with the necessary soil and compost mixture, gaining hands-on experience in pot preparation.

Day 4: Seeding Planting by Principal
- The final day of the event was marked by a special occasion where the Principal, [Principal's Name], actively participated in planting seeds into the prepared soil.
- This symbolic act underscored the commitment of the institution to promoting agricultural awareness and sustainability.

The "Fall in Love with Farming" event was a successful initiative that achieved its objectives of promoting agricultural awareness, hands-on learning, and environmental responsibility. It provided participants with practical experience in various aspects of farming, from plot preparation to planting, underlining the importance of agriculture in our lives.
We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, and sponsors who contributed to the success of this event. Special thanks to the Cubicle of Royal Commerce for their collaboration.


Department of Commerce (General)

The main aim of this event is to create a bond and inner feeling of gratitude between relationships.

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say ‘thank you?' “

Yes, we express gratitude on the 21st Sep 2023.

Room no: SF19
Timing 12.00 p.m onwards

Totally 40 students participated enthusiastically from all departments,

Participants express their gratitude (Thank you, sorry, happy memories) toward relationships (Blood relations, parents, grandparents, Friends, Siblings, neighbors, favorite persons, known person, unknown person, God, etc.). By making;
1. Craftwork or Chart work
2. Letter writing
3. Video thanking
4. Pictorial thanking
5. Self thanking
6. Phone booth thanking

The session ended with creative meaningful emotional colorful words of gratitude from participated students.

All the works of students have been displayed on our college notice board and principals cabin, it's circulated to their loved ones.


The Department of Commerce General organized, "A MOTIVATIONAL TALK ON UNLEASHING THE YOUTH POTENTIAL" on 13th SEPTEMBER 2023, between 12:00 P.m. to 1:30 P.m in SACAS preview theatre. The resource person was DR. A.V.S. RAAMKUMAR has highlighted the points on education, mentorship, and opportunities for young people to develop their skills and creativity, ultimately empowering them to contribute to their communities and the world at large. It was an inspiring session.

WEBINAR ON GREEN WASHING Organized by Commerce General

The Department of Commerce (General) of S.A College of arts and science organized a “WEBINAR ON GREEN WASHING” for 1st and 2nd students on 27th July 2023 at SACAS Auditorium.

  • She cleared the students about the topic GREEN WASHING with examples.
  • She explained the sin and importance of green washing with day-to-day life examples.
  • She highlighted the laws amended against green washing
  • She has also created the awareness about reputative companies, influencing the consumers by selling their products with fake identity.
  • The programme ended with Q & A session.


  Department of Commerce (General) of S.A College of arts and science in association with Tax Research Department, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, organized a CRASH COURSE on GST & IT E – FILING for passed out 3rd year students. The session opened on first week of march 2023 and first week of April 2023 and closed with completion of final exams on Gst and IT    E – Filing.

Profile of the Chief Guest


He is the member of cost accounting standards board (2022-23). Assistant professor – PG and Research department of commerce – DWARAKA DOSS GOVERDHAN DOSS VAISHNAV COLLEGE, ARUMBAKKAM, CHENNAI – 600106.   

Consumer Awareness Program on 20-07-2023

On 20th July 2023, CITIZEN CONSUMER CLUB in association with  Department of commerce (general)organized Consumer Awareness Program at SF 13, 135 students attended the session. Chief Guest Dr.S Geetha Kumari, President of Consumer Rights Organization of Tamil Nadu enlightened the session with thoughtful lecture followed by other speakers Mr S Kishore, Mr N Saravanan, Mr Ezilarasu.


Narai Ezhudhum Suyasaritham

Department of Commerce (General) in association with Cubicle Of Royal Commerce organized" TENTUKOTTA" - "Narai Ezhudhum Suyasaritham"  on 14/07/23 ( Friday). It is Tamil language film, Directed by K. Manikandan. Film focus on self development, through the eyes of an old person and a younger person. The dynamic Relationship between a retired person and an educated unemployment person is the essence of the movie.

One day workshop on Job career in Banking and NBFC on 13.07.2023

Department of Commerce General of SA College was organized a one day workshop on Job career in Banking and NBFC on 13.07.2023. The  resource person for the program was Mr K Jaya Pandian, Senior Manager and Head, Axis Bank Alapakkam Branch. Target audience were II B.COM (General) students. The speaker  highlighted most serious operational risk with NBFCs also the discussion on the operations through technology in the banking sectors. At last participants  had live chat facility with the speaker for having individual clarification.