S. A. College Shines at Anti-Child Labor Day Event on 12.06.2024

S. A. College Shines at Anti-Child Labor Day Event

S.A. College of Arts and Science has garnered significant accolades at the Anti-Child Labor Day awareness program held at the Anna Centenary Library Festival Hall. Organized by the Department of Labor, the event highlighted student contributions to the cause of eliminating child labor. Deepak Raj, a second-year MSc student, secured the 2nd prize in the 1-minute short film category. His film was praised for its impactful message and creativity. Additional honors went to Thiru. Guru Shankar, a third-year Viscom student, for best editing, and Thiru. Rohit, a second-year Viscom student, for his evocative painting work. The college administration, including the Correspondent, Principal, and Director, received special thanks for their unwavering support and encouragement. This recognition underscores the dedication and talent of the Visual Communication Department, reinforcing the college’s commitment to social causes and creative excellence. The event, led by the Hon’ble Minister of Labor Welfare and Skill Development, celebrated student initiatives in raising awareness about child labor issues.